Tips for How Traveling Nurses Can Find Housing

Tips for How Traveling Nurses Can Find Housing

Tips for How Traveling Nurses Can Find Housing

One of the key questions many first, second and third time traveling nurses ask is – “Where can I find housing?” For many seasoned travelers, they enjoy taking the stipend and running. This may work well when you travel alone or don’t have too many factors that need to be addressed while you’re out of town. But for most, using company housing may be the best option. 

Seriously Consider Company Housing 

There are a significant number of advantages to using company housing, many of which we’ll discuss below. Not all agencies include housing in their travel contracts, but most do. However, before you assume that housing is included, check before you sign the contract. Larger agencies have a network of housing options where you’ll be moving and may even help you find your own housing if you choose the stipend. 

Housing can be a lot to deal with in a short time span, especially for first-time travelers. You’ll need housing that is safe, affordable, takes a short-term lease and is furnished. If the contract is extended, will you be able to stay? You’ll be securing the lease, paying the deposit and dealing with any complications that arise. 

Challenges with Finding Your Own Housing 

There are significant challenges to finding your own housing in a strange city within a short time span. Although the housing stipend may be enticing, let’s consider what might go wrong when you choose to find your own. Here are some of the challenges you might face: 

  • Your contract is canceled (not common but it does happen) and you’ve signed a lease. Now, what do you do? 
  • What if you arrive and the landlord has decided that tourists will pay more than a traveling nurse? Now you have a job to start and nowhere to live. 
  • What if you get to the apartment and find it’s been trashed by the previous client and hasn’t been cleaned? Bugs, rodents, holes in the wall or old food lying around – who will clean it all up? 
  • What if the neighborhood looked good online but when you arrive you find it’s not safe? You have a lease but don’t feel you can sleep soundly in this neighborhood. 

In each of these situations, your agency will be right there to help you sort it out and give you options. While it is possible to find good housing in a safe neighborhood, there are risks to securing your own housing. 

Although these challenges are not insurmountable, it is important you consider what works best in your individual situation so you can make the best decision possible with the information you have. 

Where Do You Look for Housing? 

When it comes to finding short-term leases, you have several options. Extended Stay America are furnished hotels that offer weekly rates. There are approximately 700 locations so you may find one near your assignment. 

If you’re looking for more of a home environment, you may want to try Craigslist or an Airbnb. The Airbnb option may offer greater security as the landlords must work with the Airbnb company, you can read reviews online and will have a better idea about the neighborhood. On the other hand, with an Airbnb you may be renting a room and not an entire apartment. This may work out to your advantage or not, depending on your situation. 

Are You Ready to Move? 

The professional recruiters at Amare are ready to help you find your next assignment and talk to you through your housing options. Call our recruiters today and find out how our experts can help you quickly settle into your new short-term home. 

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