Amare Surpasses ‘Beacon of Light’ Goal for Local Food Banks

Amare Surpasses ‘Beacon of Light’ Goal for Local Food Banks

Amare Surpasses ‘Beacon of Light’ Goal for Local Food Banks

For seven weeks, our “Beacon of Light” campaign accomplished amazing things for our friends, neighbors, and community members throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Thanks to the efforts and dedication of our amazing Travel Registered Nurses, as well as the generosity of our team members, we were able to donate $4,412.46 to local food banks in six counties!

For each hour worked by our amazing field staff throughout the Capital Healthcare Services umbrella, which includes sister companies Capital Healthcare Solutions and Harmony Home Care, the company pledged 5 cents in donations, translating into over $500 donated each week, and showing the powerful things we can accomplish when we come together!

Here is a breakdown of exactly where our donations went:

  • $669.15 – Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank
  • $668.85 –Westmoreland County Food Bank
  • $943.52 & KIA stuffed with non-perishable food items – Butler Area Food Bank (in conjunction with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and St. Vincent DePaul)
  • $564.50 – Fayette County Community Action Agency Food Bank
  • $539.47 – Washington County Food Bank
  • $520.72 – North Hills Food Bank
  • $506.25 – The Corner Cupboard Food Bank (Greene County)
Beacon of Light donation tracker

With many food banks having the capability of creating 5 meals from each dollar donated, this translated into an estimated 22,062+ meals for people in need! This is an amazing feat we have accomplished together, and we hope that our employees and supporters know how crucial they were to that process.

Everyone who had a part in this campaign should be immensely proud.  Your selfless efforts and acts of generosity have shone a light of hope through the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, both directly through the care you’ve provided, as well as indirectly by feeding families throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.

We are so grateful for the tenacity our amazing travel nurses have shown throughout these last seven weeks. Even in these uncertain times, they have not given up their passion or purpose for providing quality care to people in need.  They are the heart of our Capital Healthcare Services Family, and we thank them for helping us to make this campaign a success!

Amare Launches Donation Campaign for Local Food Banks
Amare Launches Donation Campaign for Local Food Banks